Brendan Riley

Founder & CEO

Close to a decade of being involved in all areas of real estate investing. Brendan has extensive experience in all aspects of small to mid-size real estate development projects. He has an advanced skill set for acquiring under-performing multifamily buildings, raising capital, securing financing and bringing the asset up to a high performing standard. This whole process produces extremely high yielding margins for both the company's investors as well as the company itself.

Brendan has experienced exceptional success in building strong relationships throughout the industry, namely, his company employees, investors, business partners, lenders, consultants, trades/vendors as well as the end-user of the company products, the tenants. The fundamental framework for these partnerships is created from win-win structures, trust, integrity, transparency and an ever-growing track record of successfully executing on high-quality premium rental products.

As the leader of Riley Real Estate Ventures, Brendan's primary roles and responsibilities are to continue growing and developing his team and help them achieve a world-class standard of excellence. This allows the company to deliver industry-leading results to the company’s growing community of partners.