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Brendan Riley is the founder and CEO of Riley Real Estate Ventures Inc, a respected real estate development firm based in the Greater Toronto Area. Since founding the company in 2017, he has quickly led his team in distinguishing themselves as one of Canada’s top firms—specializing in converting undervalued low to mid-rise multiplex buildings into high-yielding modern real estate investment properties.

Riley Real Estate Ventures, a Partner of Ours on the Rise!
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Every once in a while we work with a commercial client that just knocks our socks off. Let me introduce you to Riley Real Estate Ventures (RRE). This team of highly professional real estate investors has really figured out what they’re doing.

2019 Elite Toronto Real Estate Awards Winners

We work behind the scenes with all these pros and can reveal to you the amount of skill they put into their craft, we are so proud to partner up with so many talented people. So here is our Year End, Best of the Best ELITE REALTY AWARDS as voted by you and our team!